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A truly elegant innovation helps menstruating women in India

South Asian Woman

My goal with is to highlight women’s health issues and relevant solutions. What better way to do this, than to talk about a truly remarkable gentleman, Mr. Arunachalam Muruganantham, with an equally amazing innovation. I am thankful to my friend Tania Marker for having shared this news with me. Her main motivation in doing so, is that Arunachalam is from Coimbatore, India, my hometown, which only makes this all the better!

I am a little peeved that I had not heard about this gentleman before, but I am not wholly surprised, as, in the article linked below states, menstruation is not discussed well in India, and has quite a bit of stereotyping and taboo around a very natural process.

From understanding the need for sanitation during menstruation, to obsessing over a solution, and discovering that sanitary napkins are made with cellulose and figuring out how to get it right, this is an incredible story of ambition, persistence and of course, innovation!

Hats off, Arunachalam!


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