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On women and blood clots

The National Blood Clot Alliance alerted me to two things today, through a news release:

  1. May 14 – 21 is National Women’s Health Week in the US, something that the HHS started a while ago. Who knows how long it will last, and perhaps maybe we should turn this into a regular thing sans government impetus, going forward.
  2. There is a risk to blood clots for women from many forms of hormonal birth control, which they should be aware of.

Clot Risks

It is true that women suffer from clot risks throughout their life. The risk is lower for younger women, compared to older women. Even considering contraceptive use it is low. Please see the NIH reference below. The use of contraceptives does increase this risk in women of child bearing age, and the consequences of blood clots include both morbidity and mortality, and therefore, it is important that there is ample awareness of these risks.

Creating Awareness

The National Blood Clot Alliance along with  Alexandra L. Rowan Memorial Foundation, another excellent organization I learned about today, are asking women to visit “Women And Clots”, a website, womenandbloodclots.org to learn more, access resources and use a risk assessment tool to learn more.

Please pass this on to women you know, especially of child-bearing age, so they may learn of and benefit from this resource and be aware of clot risks going forward!

And, I plan to blog as profusely as time permits during National Women’s Health Week. So consider subscribing to the Blog updates and watch this space for more!


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